Reconstruction is necessary

4. 5. 20190 comments

Do we need to invest our hard-earned savings in the reconstruction of an apartment or house? Before such a decision, each of us is at least once in a lifetime. If the current situation is truly unsustainable, we will move from reflection to acts.  Before we undergo complex torture at the building office, we need to process the project. What are the great building adaptations waiting for us? We need to replace existing wiring, radiators and floor coverings. We will recombine the plaster and finally paint.
Wood or plastic?
What about the cost return? This will provide us with quality insulation, warmth, savings for heating costs and, if possible, air conditioning, very pleasant bonus. The exchange of Windows puts us in front of an important question and what material to choose. Plastic windows require less demanding maintenance, but their typical properties are impertainability. For these reasons, you will easily be able to have a mold in your apartment. Eurowindows are made of wood, and as it breathes, you have a guarantee that such inconvenience will never occur.